My Roommate's Boyfriend, Part II

Liliane Sunday

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Her brain knows what's right.

But her body only wants what's wrong.

Two years ago, Izzy met Thad, a young, gorgeous, big shot photographer. She knew he was out of her league, yet she allowed herself three delicious weeks in his arms and in his bed, where she pretended a world in which they could actually end up together existed.

Now, two year later, he's somehow back in her life—and dating her new roommate. She knows she should stay away from him. With any luck, she'll land a new job she's after and save enough  money to move out, and put him behind her for good.

But their connection is undeniable, and their chemistry is becoming harder to ignore. Thad wants to throw caution to the wind, and Izzy is just one grand gesture away from letting him.


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Liliane Sunday is a writer, editor, artist, and dedicated cat mom. When she isn't busy brainstorming new and not-gross synonyms for genitalia, she's bingeing teen vampire shows, painting her toe nails, and trying to stay up past ten PM.