The Cat, My Wedding, & Other Things I Can't Remember, Part I

Liliane Sunday

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Her brain doesn't remember. But her body can't forget...

The morning after Arizona meets Oliver Riche, her photography idol and long-time crush, she wakes up six years in the future. Except it isn’t the future at all. After a terrible accident, she’s left with no memories of the last six years—not her rise to fame as a supermodel, not the realization of her dream to see her younger sister go to college, and not her wedding to the very man she spent her teenage years fantasizing about, Oliver Riche.

While her brain tells her to take her time getting re-acquainted with a man she no longer knows, her body still seems all too familiar—and it yearns for a husband's touch.

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Liliane Sunday is a writer, editor, artist, and dedicated cat mom. When she isn't busy brainstorming new and not-gross synonyms for genitalia, she's bingeing teen vampire shows, painting her toe nails, and trying to stay up past ten PM.