The Cat, My Wedding, & Other Things I Can't Remember, Part II

Liliane Sunday

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Her body can't forget... And her heart doesn't want to.

A car accident took Arizona's most important memories. Those of her husband, of her career, and every single thing else the past six years had to offer.

Her body, on the other hand, seems to remember the man she married all too well. Still, the more Arizona learns about her new life, the less she likes it. And her old life? She questions if it ever existed.

The physical attraction to her husband, Oliver, is undeniable, but do they have a real connection? In her quest for answers, all she can seem to uncover are more mysteries.

Is she really in love with Oliver? Why is her best friend in the world ignoring her? And why can't she stop imagining her husband's assistant naked?

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Liliane Sunday is a writer, editor, artist, and dedicated cat mom. When she isn't busy brainstorming new and not-gross synonyms for genitalia, she's bingeing teen vampire shows, painting her toe nails, and trying to stay up past ten PM.