The Man Unmatched

Seymone Kelly

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He's always had an appetite for the unconventional...

...But she's insatiable.

​Quest is no stranger to sex. He’s attractive, successful, and wealthy, and has enjoyed more than his share of attention from the fairer sex. So when he goes to a networking event for work, the last person he expects to meet is his match.

And yet, bold and beautiful Erin may be exactly that.

Quest is attracted to Erin’s unflinching confidence, and loves that she isn’t afraid to tell him exactly what she wants. But he soon learns that in all his experience, Erin may want more than even he can handle.


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Seymone Kelly

Seymone Kelly grew up understanding that words have power. The moment her pen touched the page when she was a child, she knew she found her superpower. She has performed poetry, and has written books and a film.

She is continuing to evolve into the writer she is meant to be.